Sailing Classroom

Sailing trains characters of teenagers. It also brings wisdom and knowledge.

Participants will learn to operate an ocean-going sailing vessel, according to the RYA training scheme. After the training, participants will design a sailing voyage to a remote island in Hong Kong, and learn to live together for a few days.

Sailing is more than pulling ropes and turning the wheel. It covers a wide range of knowledge, including mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, history, design and technology, engineering, geography, meteorology, English, Chinese, etc. It helps participants to build up their characters, such as responsibilities, leadership, planning, co-ordination skills, self-reliance, and courage.

Duration: 2 weeks. Include 2 sessions of classroom preparation, 2 One-day training sessions, and a Four-days sailing voyage.

Location: School, and Hong Kong water

Capacity: 10-20 pax (including teachers)





人數:10-20人 (包括老師)