Learn through experience

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


飄流教室 (Floating Classroom) 是生命前線帆船事工轄下的服務之一,本著以帆船航海作為培訓元素的理念 (Training Under Sail) ,提供以帆船訓練作為體驗教育的平台,為學校度身訂造適切的訓練課程,培訓領袖及建立團隊。




About Us

Floating Classroom is the education service of “Life Front-Line Sailing Ministry”, a Christian sail training organisation established since 2007. We provide “Training Under Sail” programs for schools, universities, social service centres and corporate clients.

Our programs includes “Applied academic education program”, team building, and leadership training. Participants need to operate a training vessel as a team, perform emergency drills, and navigation exercise, which can train up the team communication, reaction to incident, and team co-ordination.

Our instructors will give demonstrations, instructions and trainings to the novice sailors. With a suitable setting and debriefing, the unique, real-life sailing experience helps the participants to learn through the process. Onboard the training vessels, participants are no longer passengers, but the crews of the boat. The crews are vital, in order to operate the boat. To make the experience learnable, we request the crews to fully participate on completing different tasks, taking parts for the duties, and learning by hearts.