Life Front-Line Sailing Ministry

Life Front-Line (formally registered as: Life Front-Line Limited) is the first Christian based sail training organisation in Hong Kong using sailing yachts to deliver life-changing adventure program. Our training vessel, Spitali, has taken over 7000 people to explore life at sea since 2007. 
We take participants back to the nature, to observe the creation of God, and experience the ever changing environment at sea. At the same time, we require participants to work as a team to operate the boat. It builds team and create a sharing atmosphere by helping each other.  
Sometime we need to fight against the nature in a harsh weather. We need to purely rely on God in such weather, and hence we know our creator a bit more. We encourage participants to look for the life mission by sharing our own stories. 
Life Front-Line Limited is a registered charity (91/10270) under the law of Hong Kong. We accept donation, and we can issue tax relief receipt for donation $100 or above. 
The donation and the surplus of the training voyage will be allocated into the followings:

  • Sponsor an under privilege group to participate a training voyage.
  • Maintenance fee of the training vessel, upgrade the training vessel and the life saving equipments.
  • Support the operation cost.  


生命前線(正式註冊名稱:生命前線有限公司)是首個透過大型帆船傳揚福音的基督教機構。我們的帆船 Spitali 自2007年起為福音啟航,與逾 7,000名參加者一起揚帆尋夢。

  • 資助有需要的群體參與訓練
  • 維修及更新訓練船及更新救生設備
  • 支援經常費開支