Mission, objectives and training methodology


Mission 使命

Build knowledge, build team, build competence, and build characters through the sailing voyages.


Objectives 目標

・Provide an enjoying environment, which includes friendly instructors, safe sailing voyage, unique experience, and an open sharing atmosphere, to participants.
・Let participants enjoy the sailing voyage and the life at sea.
・Help participants exploring themselves, and build a better life.
・Build up relationships among the team.
・Provide an environment of hospitality. 
・Participants are willing to sail again after the program.


Training methodology

Experiential education cycle

1. Concrete experience
Sailing is not a game, it is a real experience. We need to sail a real boat to a real destination, with the real consequences. 

2. Reflective observation
Instructors will assist the team to review the process, and analysis the consequences. 

3. Abstract conceptualisation
Transfer the findings into abstract. 

4. Active experimentation
Test and correct the abstract concepts, and generate new ideas in the next task, or in the real life.



1. 真實的體驗

2. 分析型觀察

3. 概念內化

4. 積極試驗